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have the road work northbound, and southbound over the waldo tunnel down to two lanes until the tunnel and it opens up at the golden gate bridge where you have four lanes into the city with no delays and very light traffic. all mass transit is off to a great start, and one area of road work, southbound 680 ranch to eastbound 580, that could be closed. we are getting in touch with caltran. >> the super bowl could be played in new orleans but san francisco officials are putting together plans to keep celebrations here from getting out of hand in case the niners win. or "when" the niners win. >> good morning, eric. city hall is fine tuning the super bowl playbook, the what if's if a super bowl win from buses to beer cans. what about a victory parade. the mayor said we will talk
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about that later. >> fans were pumped at the win on sunday and peaceful and nonviolent unlike the mayhem that marred the giants victory when cars were overturned and a muni bus smashed. lessons have been learned and the player will visit local sports bars, next week, suggesting they serve something else rather than hard liquor the police asking them to sell cans, not bottles. they are working with muni. hopes of containing crowds for the judgment embryo tron have been nixed by the nfl law. >> big decision. we will respect it. i would love to have that opportunity because it could help us center the celebrations but we will keep the city safe. >> we will ensure we use the right type of buses. we will not have electric buses but we will have the diesel
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buses that can maneuver around the crowds and be re-directed. >> what about the victory parade in the last time the niners won in 1995 there was a blow out party. it is custom. as far as the planning for this year, the mayor says it is too early and we will discuss that a little bit later. city hall says they want all the trash in the downtown area picked up on super bowl sunday to prevent fours and as far as street closings go, there are a lot of them the day before the super bowl on saturday, probably in the downtown area all in the name of safety and security. >> abc7 news has an entire team headed to the super bowl, sports director larry beil and former 49er super bowl player, mike shumann, will be there, wearing
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his own super bowl ring. monday morning, katie marzullo will begin reporting super bowl week live from new orleans and wayne freedman will report on the all the action. we will have updates on monday, as well. >> antioch school officials warn parents after a stranger approached a child and tried to lure the child into the car yesterday afternoon. it happened near the elementary school and parents were notified. a 5th grader was approached by a man he did not know claiming he was sent by a family member to pick up the boy. the child said "i don't know you" and walked away. amy will have a live report from the elementary school in 30 minutes. >> testimony is scheduled to begin in the preliminary hearing for the san francisco couple accused of murdering their daughter's pimp. last june, the man in southern california was fatally shot in the bayview district near candlestick park.
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the 38-year-old muni driver and his wife, 37-year-old, face murder and other charges related to the shooting. he had allegedly pimped out the 17-year-old runaway daughter. prosecutors have said he was in san francisco trying for get the girl back. >> this afternoon a hearing is scheduled in federal court in oak as the oyster company tries to keep the oyster farm at the point reyes national seashore from closing until a trial is held. in november, the interior secretary allow add 40 year lease to expire so the area could be returned to wilderness. >> vice president biden heads to virginia to deliver a speech on efforts to reduce gun violence. he will sell the white house gun policy agenda if richmond with other administration officials. biden is following up on president obama's policy agenda announced last week from
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recommendations provided by the gun violence task force spearheaded by biden in the wake of the sandy hook elementary school shootings. >> thousands of abortion opponents hold a march in washington, dc, in 3 1/2 hours, the demonstration coincides with the 40th anniversary of roe vs. wade, the supreme court decision that legalized abortion. the rally includes prayers in front of the supreme court building with a speech from former republican presidential candidate santorum. >> in a few hours, state senator hill will have a bill on responding to mountain lions. it is reported it would require wardens to use nonlethal methods unless there is desire threat and allows state, fish and wildlife officials to work with while hive groups do capture the animals. in december there was public criticism after a warden shot and killed two cubs on the porch of a home. they weighed only 13 to 14
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pounds. >> are we checking, now, with the weather? >> time for a look at the forecast. >> we are. >> as i take the words from eric thomas. >> you can have them. mike? >> good morning, everyone. you can see 680 where we have a better radar return, with possibility of light rain up 84 into livermore and the altamont pass. sliding to the south and west, can you see skyline boulevard, alpine ride headed to fremont avenue between sunnyvale and cupertino and los altos we have a better radar return so sprinkles to light rain. to the south, if you are traveling up to tahoe, freezing fog, so ice is a possibility. we are off to a foggy start with wet weather but mild and upper 40's to low 50's and scattered shower is possible today.
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less likely than yesterday and not as widespread with low-to-mid 50's at noon and upper 50's at 4:00, keep the umbrella handy in the evening. it will be mild and upper 40's to mid-50's. cold front brings another chance of a stray shower but notice the temperature is dropping into the mid-50's by the end of weekend and by monday. that is the forecast. >> the san mateo bridge from hayward to the toll plaza you can see the westbound direction the tail lights headed to the high-rise everything is moving at the limit and eastbound is good, too, with the reverse commute no problems and to the east shore freeway, driving under the university overcrossing and into the macarthur maze, everything is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza if that is the destination and headed to the city, in delays. east dumbarton bridge the reverse commute we have road work for another hour, less than an hour at 15 minutes blocking eastbound, two lanes, and if you are headed out from the central
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valley, from antioch there is a pileup. >> next, planning ahead for the lunar new year and what san francisco is doing to make sure china town is safe. >> another landmark faces the wrecking ball, what could
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abc7 news. >> good friday morning, everyone. 5:12 on the abc7 morning news with the lights on the ferry building more meaningful than ever as the niners go to new orleans for the super bowl. more on that coming up. more on the track and the weather and the mist and fog. >> massachusetts congressman is raising questions about disney's plan to over high-tech wrist bans to park goers which contains identification computer chips that disney says will make visiting disney in florida easier. they will unveil it this spring but the co-chair of congressional panel on privacy fear they could use to market data. disney said they are optional, the parent company of abc7. >> san francisco officials are bringing back a program to help businesses in chinatown during the lunar new year holiday.
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there will be a prohibition of curb side parking so businesses can set up outdoor displays during the weeks leading up to the lunar new year celebration. the goal is to ensure the safety of the large crowds of shoppers that are expected. >> we want all of the pedestrians to stay in the sidewalk. we will have it barricaded off so no one gets in an accident. >> per chaps have to get special permits to set up their curb side display and parking is off limits between 9:00 in the morning and 7:00 in the evening. >> one of san francisco's biggest exhibition halls is on the verge of being torn down to make way for high-rise apartment buildings. the converted freight depot was built 100 years ago and has held wine festivals and fashion shows and craft fairs. the planning commission has approved an environmental impact report that paves the way for the demolition.
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>> the building provides the only affordable festival space in the city for big festivals such as green festival, arts and craft festivals. a lot of them. >> the new project includes four, six-story buildings with 400 apartments. the complex needs to be approved bit board. >> southwest airlines is one of the last big carriers to fly your baggage for free but that could change. the c.e.o. says there are no plans to charge for bags at this time but he says that the airline will determine what customers want, rather pay extra fees or should all the services be bundled? >> he is vague of plans but he said bags will fly free on southwest at least for this year. >> i hope they don't start charging. >> you have heard of an app that will take a picture of the thief that stole your iphone? >> the front facing camera will
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snap their picture, capture their location, and send an e-mail to the person whose phone it belongs to. >> the photo snaps when the thief tries to unlock it with a faulty password. now now it is only available on droid phones. a bonus, it detects malware on the phone. >> if a dutch form has their way, your iphone is mapping to put a cup holder on the phone case. they say and i am sure you have seen this, iphone user would try to use the phone and enjoy a cup coffee at the same time often end up spilling the beverage or dropping the phone. this is an idea but they are trying to raise $25,000 to make the product so far they have raised $765. they have a ways to go. >> ways to go. >> i would spill, then, on my phone. right? you need warm coffee. here is the segue, in the cold weather we are spenting --
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experienceing. >> good morning, everyone, i will unvent an unprogram for the iphone that will protect it from your company you spill on it. do you like that? >> send your seed money to me. moving on, 5:16. the fog is getting thicker and in all seriousness the ground is wet. so, we are having a one-two punch this morning getting around. well talk to sue to find out what is happening with traffic. now, the radar and the satellite up there shows we are under a moist mild air mass coming up from the south, and you can see the strip of light rain trying to develop but it looks like it is falling apart as it moves to
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the north. the next air mass is coming in from the north, and that will bring us dry weather, cooler weeks ago, but, still, a chance of a shower saturday and sunday. right now, check out the temperatures, 48 at novato and napa, and 49 in concord and low-to-mid 50's, including 53 in san francisco, oakland is 54 and low-to-mid 50's around the monterey bay and inland. a shower is possible throughout the day, and it will be cooler this weekend with limited showers, and warmer and more dry next week. you can see the low is dropping to the south with a southeast moist wind and so we will have scattered shower today and the cold front comes in with the front we will have our best chance of showers and the air mass behind it is unstable but fairly dry and another chance of a shower on sunday. you can see our best chance this morning, down to the south, and it kind of falls apart headed to the afternoon hours with just a spotty shower and during the evening hours and here comes the
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cold front tomorrow morning, and that will bring us our best chance of showers as we get on the back side of it, you can see how we clear out and temperatures drop into the mid-to-upper 50's tomorrow and mid-50's with a chance of a shower on sunday and i will go dry on monday with mid-50's and slowly getting warmer next week. have a great day. >> thank you, mike, and now a check on highway four westbound moving to pittsburg and concord, this is 15-minute drive from the hillcrest to 242. elsewhere we have slowing as you make your way northbound 17 with a stall on the on-ramp coming out of santa cruz headed up and over the summit. the drive times show highway 24 from walnut creek to the tunnel less than ten minutes and peninsula 101 from san mateo to wood side road under 20 minutes and the east shore freeway under 20 minutes as well, in macarthur maze and san rafael,
5:18 am
101, facing the northbound direction, the headlights headed in the southbound direction out novato. >> the super bowl half time show is taking shape, the super reunion fans will enjoy. >> factor fiction: the early impressions of the upcoming movie on the life of steve jobs and who is calling it inaccurate? >> today on "katie" jennifer lopez is back. she has been busy. we will talk about her world tour, her new action movie, and the latest family addition and her co-star will join us with a fascinating back story and one of the biggest rockstars who you may never have heard of." have a fantastic friday. i'm sunny hostin.
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>> happy friday at 5:22. today, san francisco percent amendments fans on the peninsula have a chance to pose with teams world series trophies. we are told fans lined up last night in redwood city to take pictures with the 2010 and 2012 world series trophies and will be on display from 11 a.m. to 1:00 o'clock p.m., at courthouse square in downtown redwood city city the trophies will then move to daly city hall, rather, up to daly city hall available for photographs between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. >> and beyonce has super bowl half time show performing the hit "crazy if love" and joined by former destiny child band
5:22 am
mates to sing a few of their biggest hits. the performance could not come at a better time after her reported lip syncing of the national anthem at the inauguration ceremony. she still has not commented on the accusations. >> the new health care law could be a drag for millions of smokers. >> jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, millions of smokers could be priced out of health insurance because of tobacco penalties. president obama's health care law says the affordable health care act will allow insurers to charge thousands more than nonsmokers. if you make $35,000 a year, you could spend $8,000 in insurance. >> check the bang statement and make sure the money is there, visa has an alert saying watch for a way of a.t.m. fraud and so-called cash outs, possibly
5:23 am
involving stolen data and fake cards. apple shores skipped alive after the iphone and ipod maker reports slowest growth in years and the drop in stock weighs on the nasdaq yesterday. now, apple says a chinese manufactureers has been uses dozens of workers under 16 revealed in an internal report. >> on friday morning, did you see any fog on way in? >> a little bit, and a little drizzle. why he if that is the technical term mike would use. drizzle? mist? >> i believe he has used that term before. also used the term drist and mizzhle. >> clouds and a stray shower, and upper 50's and most of us in the low-to-mid 60's, in the
5:24 am
sierra the snow is still there but the same snow from a month at only 98 percent of what we should have. we starting to fall behind. now, you can see the best rain is to the south, very limited and most of it is falling as rain around lake level tahoe. no new accumulation today, and we will be at 49 at yosemite and 60's elsewhere, and low-to-mid 60's through the central valley and mid-to-upper 60's around day oh and palm springs and los angeles. sue? >> report of an accident from tracy, westbound 205 at 580, the connection shows slow traffic, that is blocking the left lane moving to the altamont pass so it will be slow as you drive out of tracy. we also have a first report of an accident at the pass with more on that in a bit. road work eastbound dumbarton bridge until 6:00.
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>> matt damon had his revenge, he has been the butt of a long running joke on "jimmy kimmel live took over the show. >> welcome, because tonight's version sucks. i am your host, matt damon! just for starters, let me ask you this, as an audience, is it weird to see a person with actual talent host the show? >> i am so glad i put that on dvr. he was a kidnapers who tide up jimmy kimmel and demi and nicole kidman and amy adams crowded the talk show couch. how did they have enough pace if all the people? "jimmy kimmel live" is at a new time following abc7 news at 11. >> most men would not mind skiing in with reese and demi
5:26 am
and nicole. >> and a long awaited movie about steve jobs debuts today in utah and ashton kutcher covers his life from 1971 to 2000. there was unprecedented access to the garage where the two created apple. and steve has seen the video clip from the morning posted on the intent and he called it "inaccurate." >> ahead at 5:30, run to the shark tank at the first home game since the end of the lockout. but, first, police and teachers and parents will watch students and parents will watch students at a school after an attemptedt:
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>> good morning on this friday morning. >> and now a check on the weather forecast. you may find mist and fog. >> absolutely. a moist morning. good morning, everyone. here is live doppler 7 hd showing radar returns pew and far returns with a lot of moisture in the air. following light showers to the south, but as they move to the north the radar runs are falling to the south and our visibility is getting more dangerous. half mile in livermore and napa and quarter mile in fairfield and a mile in santa rosa and san jose at two miles. we will get flight delays at sfo. be prepared for a stray shower this afternoon and upper 50's to mid-60's. sue? >> east of gilroy the westbound pass a major injury accident involving a big rig and a car with injuries involved. if you are trying to get toward 101 you may fine delays there.
5:30 am
also, from the central valley west at 580 there are yellow sensors and it is slowing from the central valley from the altamont pass. and all mass transit running on time. >> thank you. parents at an east bay elementary school are on alert after a man tried to kidnap a boy yesterday. amy joins us with more on what the school is telling parents. >> the good news in the story is the boy would was approached knew what to do. the parents received a letter from the principal yesterday telling parents what happened that yesterday afternoon a man approached a 5th grade boy and told him that the boy's family had sent him to come and pick up the boy. the boy said "i don't know you" and walked quickly away. the man moved on, the boy is fine. here is a description of the man, he is described as a white
5:31 am
man with gray hair and stubble, and he was driving a light blue 70 era car and seen parked at the park in antioch but hasn't been seen since. school officials say they will be extra vigilant and they will watch for anything suspicious and will report it to parents and police. they say they will have age-appropriate discussions with the children about stranger danger and encourage parents to do the same thing. >> san jose police are investigating the third homicide of the year. police were caused to south side drive at home street at 8:30. they found a man who was stabbed multiple times. police say he was attacked by several men. so for they have not released a motive or any information on suspects in the case. >> this morning, morgan hill police are trying to determine if there are more victims of a man accused of child molestation. police arrested the 65-year-old
5:32 am
yesterday after the prosecutors filed eight counts of molestation. authorities launched an investigation after four young people came forward and accused the man of abusing them. police say the children were between the ages of five and 13 at the time of the crimes. he is held on $500,000 bail. >> now on the peninsula, san mateo county sheriff deputies are searching for a missing 67-year-old woman with alzheimer's disease who disappeared yesterday after leaving her house in san mateo county. the deputy say she left to go on a walk at 4:30 in the afternoon but never returned. she was seen wearing a white leather jacket and black pants with a flower print. >> parents in two east bay schools are -- officials are warning parents what their kids wear to school. thieves are targeting teens and not wear. the latest incident took place on wednesday along a greenway on
5:33 am
a bicycle bath in el cerrito. two 15-year-old boys from albany high school were shot. a friend of the victim says that the suspects wanted one boy's nike shoes and he would not give them up they pulled out guns and shot him twice in the torso. >> i cannot believe it happened. he is not the type of person you would expect to get in trouble. >> a bullet grazed the other boy in the face. a memo from school officials has been sent to albany high parents cautioning them. earlier in brentwood four teen boys were shot over shoes. >> a county coroner trying to figure out how a mother and her five-year-old daughter died after their bodies were pulled from the ice-covered pond which is on a remote property in the community of pine grove. the bodies of the 46-year-old mother and her daughter were found yesterday morning 30' from
5:34 am
shore in 38 degree water. this is new video from the property on spring canyon labor. on monday, deputies responded to reports of a loose llama. they could not find anyone home. this is speculation that mom and daughter might have been trying to save the animal. neighbors were concerned when they did not see them since tuesday when the deputies launched the search. >> new this morning, bart directors have approve add $2.7 million plan to update the communications center, the san francisco chronicle reports the plan to boost bart security system by adding wireless capabilities to cameras, could also bring free and reliable wi-fi service to passengers. funding will help pay for it, and the directors are considering a new digital advertising program that could generate an extra $1 million a year replacing 48 ad signs with 24 digital screens at four downtown san francisco stations. >> if you are along san francisco bay look out for whales, one was spotted
5:35 am
yesterday near pier 39 in san francisco, and it was headed east at mid-afternoon, and the coast guard said it is not unusual to see gray whales this time a year as they migrate to behalf law and -- migrate from baja. keep boats away from the whales that you spot. >> is it a go day to take pictures of possible whales? >> tomorrow would be a better day, actually, if they are still around as we get more sunshine tomorrow and into sunday, with dry air moving in. today, though, it will be great for the better part of the day and into the evening hours, as we still have a moist flow from the south. over the last couple of hours the radar runs are getting less and less so well start off with mist and drizzle and a lot of fog, and scattered showers are possible from noon when we are
5:36 am
in the low-to-mid 50's throughout the afternoon and upper 50's in the evening, and upper 40's to mid-50's so it will be mild all around today. and now, this weekend, we will start with tomorrow, the cold front comes through, best chance of showers in the morning and a little sunshine and instability shower possible in the afternoon, and notice the temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and mid-50 for sunday and, also, into monday, with less of a chance of a shower and took them out of forecast for now. that is the forecast for now. sue? >> we are looking at abc7 traffic app westbound 152, east of gilroy, we have an accident right here involving a big rig and a pickup truck with debris in the lanes. moving to 101, westbound 152, it is a good idea to avoid that area. we have another accident coming out of the central valley at tracy at 580, involving a truck
5:37 am
in the left lane and beyond that you will find slow traffic to the amount pass and a live lock -- look at 80 berkeley, and no metering lights at the bay bridge. >> 5:38. ahead, body, mine, and spirit. evidence suggesting yoga goes far beyond getting yourself in shape. >> first, the sharks are back on the
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasant done and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back on friday morning at 5:41. a series of concerts to benefit the giants fan nearly beaten to death at a dodgers game in 2011 continues at the music hall in mill valley. hundredses went to the benefit concert at the fox theater in redwood city. san francisco giants third base
5:41 am
coach and his band put on the show having raised $70's,000 but that is just a fraction of the medical costs. >> the money i tell people is probably to keep lights on, and food on the table. there are millions and millions of dollars in rehabilitation costs. this is not something that is just, it is not the flu. it doesn't go away. >> the band will play concerts in napa on saturday, and in santa cruz on sunday. >> this morning, the san jose sharks are on top of the division after winning against phoenix. they thrilled the fans with a come-from-behind 5-3 victory. they returned to the pavilion which is great news if the businesses hit hard by the walk out. the city lost $800,000 in revenue from parking and hotels
5:42 am
and restaurants lost 40 percent of their business. many are happy just to be work ing. >> i don't think how much i lost. i am glad to be back at it. glad to see the people. lock at all these people. it is great. i don't think of it like that. >> we have been waiting for all season for this. we are so glad they worked it out and we can survive. >> the sharks are back on home ice tomorrow afternoon against colorado and on sunday versus vancouver. >> and another sport, now, a 49er fan in southern california has a selection of 49er memorabelia that is so impressive that the niners organization wants part of it. check out the collection that belongs to michael may who has been saving 49er stuff since his childhood in seattle. he has so much stuff that the 49ers sent a team historian to his home with hopes of adding the most unusual items to the museum the at new stadium in
5:43 am
santa clara. >> watch a guy named joe montana come into being and i bought a pennant one of the first super bowl pennants and it blossomed. >> i came here because we are putting together a hall of fame museum at the stadium and looking for artifacts. >> he has collects items from the 50's and the 60's that the niners do not even have. >> abc has an entire team headed to the super bowl, including sports director larry beil, and michael shumann who has a super wrong, and katie marzullo and wayne freedman will bring you the best coverage of super bowl week with updates going on monday from behind-the-scenes. >> fans are showing off pride. some fans want to add 2013 to
5:44 am
the super sleeve. and this is bubba, so it is not jut humans. you can send us your photo at >> bubba, we are proud of you. >> mike nicco needs to get to the weather have to get out of my desk. >> a lot of reading. >> you have a lot to focus on this morning, a lost fog and mist. >> trying to get everyone out the door and dressed properly. thanks for being here with us. sue is not now the only lady to keep us in line. a look, now toward san francisco, hard to see because of the fog and drizzle falling. we could pick it up on live doppler 7 hd. i want to point out the first
5:45 am
thing the wet weather we are watching is dry as far as radar. up to tahoe, freezey fog so ice is possible. the next weather system is coming from the north. the overall affect is minimal as far as the amount of rain that falls. temperatures are mild, upper 40's to mid-50's and 53 from san francisco and redwood city and san jose and los gatos and 54 in mountain view and oakland, and treatment -- fremont at 53. damp and foggy through the morning commute. showers are possible. cooler this weekend, some limited showers out there again. warmer and more dry next week. a roller coaster ride the next seven days. the low sinks to the south with the counterclockwise flow on the front side and we have a southern and moist wind and the
5:46 am
cold front coming down will bump into those tomorrow bringing a chance of showers and on the back side of the system looking dry with a scattered instability shot so it will be enough moisture in the area when the sun warms the ground a shower or two may pop but nothing like the cold front coming through where it is stronger and lifting the moisture. this morning, through noon, you can see it is quiet with scattered shower, one popping in the afternoon, and it starts to fall apart by the evening, and the cold front is rolling through tomorrow morning, and a limited amount of moisture with it and headed in the afternoon, look how it clears out and on sunday morning it will be cooler because of the lack of cloud cover and sunday afternoon we will be cooler than tomorrow because we will be in the heart of the air mass and you can see the mid-50's sunday and monday and 60's next week. today is a "spare the air" day. >> a couple of accidents
5:47 am
including highway 152 in the westbound direction with an injury accident involving a big rig and a pickup truck and c.h.p. is saying it is heavy, and thick fog in that area. this is east of highway 101 moving west on 152. elsewhere, bart and muni and caltrain are running on time, a "spare the air" day so a great alternate to get around with no delays. and we have problems with a slow drive from santa rosa to novato, 680 from walnut creep -- creek to dublin/pleasanton interchange. >> louisiana governor jindal is criticizing the republican party with sharp words as g.o.p. leaders promise fundamental changes urging them to "stop
5:48 am
being the stupid party" at the g.o.p. winter meeting in north carolina saying it is time for republicans to articulate plans and vision for america if real terms and stop using bizarre and offensive comments. he is considered by many as a potential presidential candidate in 2016. >> this morning, rhode island is a step closer to becoming the final state in new england to allow gay couples to marriage. clears went up in the house of representatives last night after lawmakers overwhelmingly approved same-sex marriage bill but it is not a done deal. the bill heads to the senate where both supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage say it is difficult to predict the fate of the bill. >> new evidence that yoga could be more than just a prescription for fitness. first, the flu swept coast to coast and now another bug is causing concern in emergency rooms across the nation. coming up at 6:00, a new mexico lawmaker now caught in a
5:49 am
controversy involving rape and abortion and a law that some
5:50 am
5:51 am
>> this sunday, the city of san francisco will begin giving tickets to drivers with explored meters ending a three week amnesty period. a few week ago the city offered free parking on city and charged in metered spots between noon and 6:00. drivers got a warning the first few weeks but this sunday,
5:52 am
tickets begin from $72 in downtown area to $62 in other parts of the city. city lowers say the policy will actually benefit drivers who have a better chance of getting a space. the business owners have a different view. >> workers are testing out a spectacular light display on the western side of the bay bridge. the bridge sparkles last night with test runs of the bay lights roth with 25,000 bulbs which are programmed to form patterns. lights are not visible from the bridge for safety reasons and should be completed by manner to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the bay bridge. >> they may not be visible to you because of fog. mike? >> an active pattern of fog across the state including the bay. we have rain and mountain snow. up to tahoe we have light winter mix and light rain tomorrow and snow on sunday. showers likely saturday and less
5:53 am
likely sunday in los angeles and las vegas the best chance of rain is dead and least likely on sunday. >> westbound 205 at 580 a multi-car accident blocking the left lane so traffic is backing up moving into the altamont pass area. 80 berkeley is moving nicely moving to the berkeley curve and to the bay bridge. no metering lights with traffic slowing nicely into san francisco on the upper deck. >> thank you, two. >> a medical alert this morning, federal health officials are warning there is a new stomach bug sweeping the nation right now, moving so fast that it is actually being called the ferrari of viruses because of the velocity which people are getting stick. our chief health and medical editor explains what we need to know about the virus. >> it is spreading like wildfire around the united states although it started in
5:54 am
australia. comes on quickly. most people do well, but the very young and the elderly, you worry about dehydration. >> unlike the flu, you can catch this virus from food. there will be more on this highly con tamous stomach bug on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> students with disabilities can play for school athletic teams if the school makes reasonable motions to accommodate them. the education department today is saying disabled students must be given a shot to play on traditional teams or have their own league. this order could bring sweeping changes to school budgets and locker rooms for years to come. >> are you feeling depressed or anxious? try yoga. a report shows older people suffering mild depression report add decrease in stirp somes after yoga practice and there is evidence it could help with schizophrenia and adhd. >> authorities say more research
5:55 am
needs to be done. >> happening now, a san francisco legend is celebrating a very big birthday today, marian brown turns 86, her first birthday without her twin who died two weeks ago suffering from. a disease. the famous san francisco twins are often spotted together across the city in identical attire bringing smiles to residents and visitors. tonight her san francisco family is throwing her a party at the sir francis brake hotel at union square. >> what a gorgeous woman, must be bitter sweet. >> next at 6:00, keeping fans under control, the steps san francisco is taking to keep fans under control. >> today, mitt romney is making a trip to the capitol. >> new movie about steve jobs
5:56 am
with ashton kutcher debuts today at the sundance film festival with reaction from his long time friend and partner in business. g
5:57 am
to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990.
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help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful >> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> just shy of 6:00, good friday morning. >> i am eric thomas. the weather is going to be okay when the mist and drizzle and fog move out. >> starting with live doppler 7 hd, we have a limited amount of rain showing up on live doppler 7 hd. it is out through but more drizzle and fog and mist hanging in the air. the moisture coming up from the
5:59 am
south but the radar returns are decreasing. the worse visibility is fairfield at quarter mile and livermore and napa half a mile, and a mile in santa rosa and two in san jose. this will be delayed flight arrivals. the forecast is mainly foggy this morning at 46 to 52 and a stray hour is possible this afternoon the 56 to 63 and a small chance of a shower this evening. 48 to 53 which is mild. have the umbrella, just in case. >> sue? >> we mentioned an accident at the pass near gilroy and we are getting word from c.h.p. it is cleared. bunching out of antioch highway four westbound with slow traffic and unfortunately, very typical this time of morning and 15 minutes to concord

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